Diverse Platform

CivilView’s aerial imagery provides a perfect compliment to construction site photographs.  This unique perspective creates a record of overall construction progress or can be localized to specific areas not readily observed from the ground.  For bridges, building, and towers, inspection work can be dangerous and challenging.  Our drone can easily see where a person cannot, improving safety and saving time.  Stockpile volumes are quickly calculated using real-time information.  Limits of work and erosion control barriers are easily observed and recorded.


Site Features and Topography




Site Assessment


Marketing and Presentation Materials


Earthwork Calculations


Land Planning


3D Georeferenced Imagery


Digital Terrain Modeling

 tickCorridor Studies


Capital Planning 


Asset Management

tickBridge Inspections

tickTower Inspections

tickConstruction Site Monitoring

tickErosion Controls Assessment

We Have The Experience

CivilView’s background in engineering and surveying gives us an understanding for both the short and long term goals of a project and a full appreciation of the value of current, high resolution imagery.  Our expertise in sUAV technology and image processing allows us to help our clients reach those goals.  From initial site analysis through construction monitoring to topographic surveying and volumetric calculations, our proven approach and work flows deliver cost effective and timely results. These results are not simply value added services for a project, but are necessary components delivered as efficiently as today’s technology allows.

As an alternative to conventional, on-the-ground land surveying techniques, CivilView can achieve comparable results in a fraction of the time.  This rapid transition from field work to design expedites project timelines while the accompanying imagery provides a full understanding of current site characteristics.

Even the most meticulously designed project often requires buy in from client and public alike.  CivilView’s 3D orthomosiacs speak equally to the technical proficient and not-so-technically inclined allowing for a clear picture to be painted for all involved.

Bottom line, CivilView’s unique service saves money, time, and improves safety, allowing for sound decision making the ability to deliver expedited results.

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