An efficient process is the cornerstone of any successful project.  This is no different at CivilView. Full understanding of our technology and a strong partnership with our clients allow us to seamlessly transition from flight to finished product.  CivilView operates a X-8M sUAV developed by 3DRobotics to capture large amounts of data in a short amount of time.  Once retrieved, the data is processed and field checked by our technical staff comprised of engineers, CAD operators, and licensed land surveyors.    

Our proven workflow has several critical steps:

1. Select and analyze project site
2. Determine project parameters such as desired image resolution which impacts final deliverables
3. Evaluate project site for safety parameters such proximity to airports, take-off and landing zones, and locations of nearby buildings
1. Our surveyors utilize the latest in GPS technology to define reference points on state plane coordinates for data collection
2. Quality ground control points dictate accuracy and provide known locations for processing sUAV data
1. Flight parameters are entered into our mission planning software
2. The drone takes-off, flies, and lands autonomously
3. Data is evaluated onsite to determine baseline quality
4. Baseline data quality is evaluated onsite
1. Image data is downloaded at the office
2. Each image receives geo-tag to record location
3. Quality Report is generated to ensure quality and site coverage
1. Each image is carefully reviewed. Only the best are included in the orthomosaic
2. Ground control points are incorporated to translate the orthomosaic to an accurate scale and location
3. A dense point cloud of all relevant data is created and processed into a stunning 3D orthomosaic
1. Our processing software is used to define site features and create contours
2. Earthwork calculations are performed
3. Our licensed land surveyors field verify drone data
4. Data is exported and further developed by our trained CAD operators to generate working existing conditions plans

Whether the finished product is imagery alone or an existing site features plan, the entire process is fast and efficient.  Data is collected over a span of hours instead of days and processing the data results in a finished product shortly thereafter.  This efficiency allows our clients to reach their goals in a fraction of the time while saving money and resources.

*CivilView is fully licensed and insured and operates under a Section 333 waiver from the FAA.

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