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At CivilView, we are more than just drone operators and aerial photographers, we are engineers with drones.  While this distinction may sound subtle, it is, in fact, what sets our services apart.

Producing high quality results with a drone is an art and doing so for design and construction professionals takes expertise.  Our combined backgrounds bring decades of private and municipal engineering experience on projects ranging from large residential developments to complete roadway and utility design and construction efforts to commercial land planning and permitting.

This broad knowledge base allows us to understand both short and long term project goals and provide deliverables that are detailed and useful.  We know what would make our design projects more successful, so we have made it our priority to deliver that same information to our clients.  The ability to quickly comprehend the totality of a project allows us to fully collaborate with our clients to determine the best possible applications for our sUAV (drone) technology.

While our technical backgrounds allow us to define project scope, it is our passion for drones that makes us the leader in low altitude 3D imaging.  What started as a casual interest in how drones could integrate with the design and construction world, quickly evolved into a company driven to provide an indispensable service at a fraction of what conventional methods cost.  CivilView operates under a Section 333 waiver from the FAA and strives to meet client needs while also promoting drone safety and awareness.

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